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Let’s face it, ‘Gansett belongs in New England. And that’s exactly where we intend to build our new brewery.

In order to build a full-scale brewery we need to sell 7.5 million cases a year. However, we can feasibly build a smaller-scale brewery at around the 1 million case plateau (or sooner). That’s where you come in! Helping out is easy. You can:

1. Sign our petition below

2. Buy a case

3. Tell us if your local bar or packie doesn’t carry ‘Gansett

Do all three and really help us out!

Remember, the more cases we sell and the more bars that carry our beer, the closer we get to building the brewery. Do it for New England, it deserves to have its beer back!

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I have recently moved from Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA to San Antonio, TX to work in low income community schools teaching special education for Teach for America. I love the work I am doing, as difficult as it is, and I enjoy what the city has to offer.

However, there is no 'Gansett to be found in the city. I have been a donor and long time 'Gansett supporter. I wear my skinny anchor 'Gansett tie when I teach and think that a perfect weekend involves the beach and 'Gansett summer tall boys.

If I could have this one piece of home with me down here, it would make my transition to the foreign lands of TX much easier and bearable. My contact information is 774-249-8495 and email is It would mean worlds to me to get some love from my favorite brewery.

Posted by: Matty Brown       

Derek DiPetrillo
Auburn Package Store
Marine League in Worcester, MA

I cannot believe how good the original recipe is! I am a baby boomer and when I started drinking beer in the early '70's, Narragansett didn't taste too good! I worked in a package store in Millbury while going to college. I saw all the old "drunkies" come in and buy returnable bottles of "Gansett" for the cheapest price of any beer. I did not want any part of it back then. One time I drank it during an outdoor firemens' exhibition in Millbury, MA and then went on a ride at a carnival at the Auburn Mall called the Cobra. It had 6 pods that rotated while the whole apparatus rotated too. Then it reversed direction, went backwards and I lost all the Gansett I consumed that afternoon! I know it's kind of graphic, but it's a true story that my wife could attest too!

Your "new" brew would not do that to me!

Now I am a true Gansett Fan. Thank you so much!

Born and bred right here in Massachusetts, the heart of New England!
Bob Campbell

Posted by: Robert Campbell       

ABC Package Store, Highway AIA, Amelia Island / Yulee, Florida

Posted by: Richard       

Becketts Pub, Walpole. Ravens Nest, Walpole. Noon Hill Grill, Medfield. Limey's, Norwood. McMorgans, Newton & Walpole. The Yardhouse, Dedham (And they've got about 100 taps, but no room for a 'Gansett!?).

Those are the locations that I drink at the most, other than my home. There are three liquor stores in my home town of Medfield, and they all carry your lager most of the time. Now they have the Summer Ale. One of them still has 'Gansett Dark, which is my favorite in your line of brews. And I've already bought and drank a couple of cases that sweet booze since I first discovered it two months ago. Delicious!

Could you folks make a special brew of the porter but get it into bourbon casks at some point in the process. I think that could be quite good. Try the Unibroue, Raftman to get an idea of what kind of flavor the bourbon casks could add to your porter.

I love the Bock as well!!! Sooo GOOOOD!!! But I'm having a hard time to find that particular brew around me.

Keep up the great work. I'll do what I can to help bring a brewery back to New England!

-Seth Robbins
SWZRdesign (, if you ever want some print ads, or web ads, look me up. I'll be more than happy to help!)

Posted by: Seth Robbins       

We now sell 'Gansett pounders at 66 Steak and Seafood in Blue Hill, ME...come on down!

Posted by: Jason Strout       

The Snaffle Bit
979 Sauchiehall Street
G3 7TQ

Posted by: William Calhoun       

Cost cutters, Cromwell CT They already have it!

Posted by: Scott Lamberson       

Deeman's Bar and Grill
1370 New Haven Road, Naugatuck, CT 06770

My local watering hole could use some 'gansett.

Posted by: Blake Gilson       

I'm from Fall River, but I've lived in Tampa, FL since 2006. My local liquor store, Total Wine, started carrying your beer recently. I'm writing because I need to mention how gratifying it is to find your beer and have that taste of home within an easy, five-minute drive. I'm drinking one of your Cream Ales as I type this.

As a suggestion, you guys may want to look into widening your distribution in Florida, since there's a massive population down here that relocated from New England. Every single time the Sox are in town and I go to a game, we outnumber Rays fans by five-to-one. In their own park. This leads me to believe there's a hell of a viable market down this way for your frosty, delicious product. I've seen 'Gansett on draft at a local restaurant called Ella's, but that's it besides the aforementioned liquor store.

The biggest supermarket chain down here is called Publix, and they keep a decently-stocked beer aisle. If you could get them to carry your beer, that'd hopefully result in an increased level of sales. Just a suggestion, but this may really help out as far as the plan to get the brewery up and rolling. I wish you guys the best of luck in this!

Posted by: Justin Choiniere       

Just Moved to Silver Spring MD. I brought a case of Gannies with me, but what am i gonna do when i run out?

Any help?

Posted by: keith       

Travis Shipp
Captain tobey's. Nantucket, MA. Good working man's bar in new england w/o gansett!!!!!! WTF

Posted by: alex carbine       

Legacies, Tavern On Main, Shuckers, Chuckwagon, Par-Tee

IGA, Piggly Wiggly, Food Lion

All in Sumter, South Carolina 29150- Do not carry 'Gansett.

I picked up a case of 'Gansett in Charlotte, NC at Earthfare and really enjoy it. I would like to see it distributed in South Carolina. It's a fine beverage.

Posted by: Johnathan Rodriguez       

I was pleasantly surprised to re-discover Gansett, a friend brought me some cans.
I reside in Germany so I can not buy a case or any of your products.
That said I want to offer my congratulations on brewing some great beer. In general cans of beer do not taste that great, but your products were easily the best can beer I have ever had.
Will look to drink some on tap or in bottles the next time I am in the USA.
Gerald Bowman

Posted by: Gerald Bowman       

It's in most stores and bars in Boston. Kappy's and Blanchards for stores and most bars I've been in. I grew up a mile from the original brewery and I'm glad to see its name is restored

Posted by: Patrick Crowley       

Love the 'gansett! I do not believe it is on tap anywhere in Portsmouth (NH) but I could be wrong!

Posted by: Daniel Hoy       

Beers of the World
3450 Winton Place Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 427-2852

Gansett is brewed in Rochester, yet I need to go back to Massachusetts to buy it! Help me support Gansett by making it available in the city its brewed in!

Posted by: Nate Polselli       

The Roundup

Posted by: Jamie O\'Donnell       

I buy my Narragansett Lager, Cream Ale, Summer Ale & Narragansett Light at Jordan's Liquors, Taunton Avenue (Route 44) East Providenc, RI. Been a religious consumer of Rhode Island bought 'Ganstt for nearly a year & hope the brewery & distribution facilities get up and running real soon in the "Littlest Big". Hey, great nickname for your tallboy Lights! Love the beer, will work for it!

Posted by: Mari McAvenia       

Proudly flying the flag on the Yankee frontier in Schuylerville ,N.Y I Buy my 'gansett a E.B.I beverage in Saratoga Springs and am loving the fact that the same great beer my grandfather loved I can now get again. Keep up the great work. P.S. the package store is a stones throw from the Saratoga Brewing Co,(Mendocino Brewing). Im trying to talk up[ the brand at some restaraunts in Saratoga Springs Also being a huge auto racing fan, I hope to see you at the races. Ther is a great history of racing in New England. In fact one of the oldest race tracks in the country is located in Thompson Connnot to far from the old Scituate resevoir. I would LOVE to see a Narragansett sponsored car at the races some time in the future.(or perhaps a Narragansett 100 race?). Contact Thompson International Speedway or even Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs Connecticut. I'm Sure they would love to here from you. ......Best Wishes and thanks neighbor for the Narragansett Bill Foster

Posted by: William m Foster       

Boston proud forever! This beer should be on the shelves of every packie and in every bar in New England. It's history!

Posted by: Joseph Tavano       

Mary Carrolls
1 Clinton Ave
Huntington NY 11743


Mary Carrolls
121 Deer Park Ave
Babylon, NY 11702

Posted by: Steven Portner       

Vintage Bar and GRill
Susquehanna Rd
Abington, Pa 19001

Posted by: George WIlson       

I finished off every Gansett Porter at the Slope Side Bar in Killington VT
Today, 4/23 the Mountain shut down for the ski season,TOO!
Oh, how I will miss my snowboard this simmer
See you in Bristol on the 4th

Posted by: Emerson M. Colwell       

Market Square Liquor Tallahassee Florida... I just bought and tried a six pack and love it!!! It's a crazy value for all the taste and I will definately be buying more.

Posted by: Jimmy McClendon       

We need Gansett down in Nashville, TN. I need a little piece of home!!

Posted by: B. Corbett       

I'm impressed, it tastes just like it did when I was stealing them from my grandfathers basement. Good beer. However, sometimes it's so SKUNKY, its worse than the stuff from Holland. What's up with that? Is it that fragile? Are your delivery people, or beer stores so disrespectful of a classic beer? Thanks I get mine at Brooklyn Liquers (ct) Northeast Liquers (ct)

Posted by: P A Gelinas       

McGuire's on Main, Cold Spring NY!!!!!

Posted by: Michael Bowman       

Georges pizza, Pascoag, rhode island

Posted by: Joel atchue       

what the hell? i've been buying cases of gansett for the past 5 months and the counter hasn't gone past 650,000. I must've bought 100 cases on my own by now.


Posted by: TZ       

Bring 'Gansett back to Swamp Yankee county where it belongs!

Posted by: Mitchell Kerensky       

There are no big chain restaurants in my area that carry your amazing brew. Places like chilis, applebees, tgi fridays, etc. In the lincoln ri area

Posted by: christopher gagan       

JD's Quick Stop
523 vt rt 100 Hancock, vt

Keg/growls 64 oz of great beer

Posted by: Jonathan Deering       

Would love to get your beer at Rams Head Tavern at Savage Mill (8600 Foundry St., Box 2065. Savage, Maryland 20763). My husband tried your beer once while traveling and has looking for it ever since. The closest bar to sell it is almost 100 miles away and beerjabber won't ship to our zip code!

Posted by: Mary       

Pearl Street Beverage in Burlington, Vermont is where I bought my very first 6 pack of Narragansett Bock, and lager. I plan on going back there every weekend to do my part.

Posted by: Ben Francisco       

I buy my beer at Vickers liquors in Newport, RI. We need to build a new Brewery in Rhode Island to bring pride back to RI and most importantly create good paying jobs.

Posted by: Joseph Burke       

Bought some lager and it was canned at Latrobe, PA. Very bad, it was too sweet, cloudy and hazy, not good boys. Never had this problem from Rochester. Stop using these Schmucks to brew your great beer! Love all your brews, keep up the good work. Build that brewhaus in Rhody!

Posted by: Matt       

Twin Liquors
827 S Main St
Attleboro, MA 02703


That's all. See you in Newport on Saturday!

Posted by: Dan       

The Pub in Orlando, FL

Posted by: Matthew Moriarity       

Don DePardo
I just can not thank you enough for your new Cream Ale. so glad it has made it to Pa.I just love its flavor it is a very awesome beer. It has become my flavorite Narraganset beer! Please try to get your Spring Ale Here to! My Friend from Ny Brought me some of it last year it like all your beers is awesome. Have enjoyed all of your beers now! BE WELL Dave Ziegler Narragansett is the best!

Posted by: dave ziegler       

mike mcgovern
Born and bred in Rhode Island i want gansett back in Rhode Island....

Posted by: Eric Lucena       

Total wine & more Ft. Myers Fl. Moved here to retire last year, was so pleased to find 'gansett avaiable here.

Posted by: Alan       

been asking every packie that doesnt carry the ganset, to stock up cause Ive been buying them out.Got quite a few friends drinking the ganset, here in the Berkshires MA. keep up the great work!

Posted by: Adam Moore       

Crazy Bruces Package store currently only sells Gansett and Gansett Light by the six pack. Love the beer buy it alt least every week.

Posted by: Tony Bolton       

I am huge fan of the Bock. I love that a truly solid beer can be had in pounders.

Posted by: Matt Wilkos       

I'm not a beer fan but I want to keep the biz in RI!

Posted by: Lori Bassett       

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