The end of World War II saw the launch of an extensive advertising campaign, which featured the now legendary “Hi Neighbor. Have a Gansett” line. Ads appeared in newspapers, magazines, billboards, buses and trolley cars. Narragansett also began a long and happy relationship with Major League Baseball, sponsoring the Boston Braves in 1944 and later the Boston Red Sox—an affiliation which would take on a certain magical feel when the team’s announcer, Curt Gowdy, became a spokesman for the beer.

By 1955, Gansett was the number one choice of consumers and the largest selling beer in New England. Others in the area, like Boston’s Croft brewery and the Hanley Brewing Company in Providence, sold out to Narragansett. By 1957, the Narragansett Brewing Company was the last remaining brewery in Rhode Island. Two years later, the company celebrated the brewing of one million