Our Story is one that’s at once astonishing, inspirational, and cautionary. Sit back and have a Gansett, this is gonna take a little while to tell.

It all started with John H. Fehlberg, Augustus F. Borchandt, Herman G. Possner, George M. Gerhard, Constand A. Moeller, and Jacob Wirth. In 1888, these local businessmen—”The Original Six”—came together to form the Narragansett Brewing Company. With $150,000 in capital and funds from Butterine (Fehlberg’s predecessor to margarine), a brick brewing house was built. In December of 1890, the first beer was produced, and the following year the company officially incorporated.

A little trivia: Did you know that at one time, the grounds of the Narragansett Brewing Company included a barn, a stable, a blacksmith, seventy-five horses, forty-five wagons, gas-powered trucks, electric trucks, twenty-five refrigerated train cars and its own ice plant?


Getting back to our story, in 1891, the Narragansett Brewing Company concocted nearly 28,000 barrels of beer under the company’s promise of the purest ingredients, uncompromised cleanliness, and absolute perfection of